Permanent Hair Removal

Forever get rid of unwanted hairs. No more shaving, plucking or waxing, no stubble and no more ingrown hairs on your underarms, bikini line or back: that’s what the MedCos IPL method can do for you. After a successful course of treatments with the IPL method, enjoy the comfort of not having to shave anymore. You are assured of high quality and optimum service. The IPL method is ultimately cheaper than shaving, waxing or plucking. In addition, it is faster, more comfortable and more effective than other hair removal methods. On average, 12 treatments are needed, at intervals of about 6 to 12 weeks, in order to realise a hair reduction of 90%.
Prior to treatment, you will always get a free intake which imposes a number of medical questions and we check if your skin and hair are suitable for treatment. After the intake, you can be treated immediately. You must shave the area to be treated one day in advance. If you have any questions, you can always make an appointment for an intake and then decide whether you are going to do the treatment. There are no costs associated with an intake.
bikini | € 71,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €852,-
buttocks | € 137, 50
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €1650,-
Breast man | € 112,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €1344,-
Woman belly | € 101,50
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €1218,-
armpits | € 60, 50
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €726,-
back | € 183,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €2196,-
shoulders | € 112,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €1344,-
Breasts woman | €71,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €852,-
* Prices above are per treatment. Ask for our special packages.
Thighs | € 213, 50
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €2562,-
Lower legs | € 153,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €1836,-
Legs full | € 299,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €3588,-
Forearms | € 112,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €1344,-
Hands (including fingers.) | € 60,00
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €720,-
Feet (including toes.) | € 49, 50
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €594,-
* Prices above are per treatment. Ask for our special packages.
eyebrows | € 39, 50
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €474,-
Jawline (including whiskers.) | € 60,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €720,-
Upper lip | € 30,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €36,-
chin | € 39,50
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €474,-
Face (excl ear cups and neck.) | € 112,-
Series of 12 treatments (recommended) | €1344,-
* Prices above are per treatment. Ask for our special packages.
With The MedCos® IPL method, many forms of acne can be treated very effectively and safely. The highly energetic light is absorbed by the skin and converted into heat. This heat combats the bacteria P. acnes. This bacteria is mainly responsible for causing acne. The skin will relax and will reduce noticeably the acne and red glow. A treatment takes about 10-15 minutes and between successive treatments, there is a period of about 2 weeks. Depending on the severity of the acne the most optimal frequency is determined at the start of the treatment. This may also be more than 1 time per 2 weeks. Generally, a course of 8 treatments is necessary for the desired result.
cheeks | € 60.50
Series of 4treatments | € 242, –
Series of 6 treatments | € 363,-
face | € 80.50
Series of 4 treatments | € 322, –
Series of 6 treatments | €
 IPL Tattoo Removal
New at Aveda The Hague, tattoo removal with IPL. Having a tattoo can be nice, but Aveda Hague can imagine that you can have enough of it at some point. Until now, this was not possible, or very expensive and painful. That is now history! As you are used to, it is a package with unlimited treatments. You need an average of 4-10 treatments.
The removal of tattoos is done with the aid of the Medcos IPL-LASER. The Medcos IPL-pure laser produces a light beam of a certain wavelength.
This light passes through the upper skin layer and reaches approximately 1.5 to 2mm deep encapsulating ink of the tattoo.
The IPL very short-pulse laser causes an explosion of energy in the ink of the tattoo which only warms the ink.
The ” IPL laser shot ‘ breaks the encapsulated ink particles, the ink particles will progressively disintegrate into very small particles.
These smaller made ink particles are disposed of by the body in the weeks after the treatment.
The Intake
When you come to us as a new guest, an intake is always needed. During this conversation, we’ll discuss al about the treatment has.
we’ll explain how many treatments are needed, what the interval is so the skin can recover, what results to expect and all the information regarding the prenatal and postnatal care.
It may be that the Medcos IPL LASER specialist decides that you are not a good candidate for IPL laser treatment. In that case, there are no costs associated with the intake.
The Treatment
Treatment is painless but can be sensitive. It feels like short pinpricks in the skin. The treatment itself is very quick. It won’t take Much longer than a few minutes.
After the treatmentAfter treatment, the sensitivity may persist for a while. Therefore, the treated area after the treatment is properly cooled. The feeling is similar to sunburn and may, by treatment of a larger area persist for a few hours.
The skin is first white after the treatment. This is a sign that the pigment is evaporated. Then redness and swelling will occur, this will disappear within half an hour again. Sometimes you may see small blisters on the treated skin. These contain clear lymph. The blisters will naturally dry out and form a scab. It is better to pierce them through. The scab will fall off by itself. It is best not to touch the scab (pick off) prevents scar tissue.
The result
The result of the treatment depends on the following factors: Colour: The light of the IPL laser is very well absorbed by the colours black, purple and dark blue. The colours red, pink, yellow, orange and green respond less well or not. Depth: Superficial tattoos disappear faster than deeper tattoos. Age of the tattoo: The older the tattoo the fewer treatments are needed. Professionally applied tattoos have generally required six to ten treatments. Amateur Tattoos can usually be removed in three to six treatments.
The risks
In compliance with the precautions normally occur no scars. With darker skin, the treated skin can sometimes discolour dark. Generally, disappear ‘hyperpigmentation’ automatically after three to six months. With some treatments, the treated skin portion remains lighter than the surrounding skin. This ‘hypopigmentation’ disappears usually after three to six months. People with dark skin types are more at risk of permanent pigmentation. Therefore, it can be concluded that treatment is not possible.
5cm | € 69.50
10 cm | € 109.50
20 cm | € 159.50